• Principal
    Mr. James J. Erhardt, Principal 
        Mrs. Sandi Gardner, Secretary 
    Here’s What’s cookin’ 
    Recipe from: 
    Betty McElmon Elementary 
    Serves: Everyone
    25 Seasoned teachers 
    4 Well rounded teacher assistants 
    240 Freshly washed faces--need not be uniform in size or shape
    Administrative concentrate—thawed
    A generous helping of parents
    Telephones to exchange family favorites
    Substitute 1 cup of laughter for every tear 
    Fold in constructive ideas 
    Spread compliments evenly throughout 
    Dust with kindness 
    Add a large sprinkling of enthusiasm
    Mix all ingredients to an even consistency 
    Pre-heat classroom to a warm glow 
    Simmer for approximately 180 days—turning frequently to insure well-rounded participants
    Garnish with healthy fruits and vegetables—Enjoy!
    Maureen O'Reilly, Retired BME Principal