• Welcome to the WLB Wellness Committee Homepage

    Our Goal:
    To provide the WLB School District staff with a welcoming and healthy school community by bringing everyone together through a variety of lifestyle-based events,  collaborative activities, tips, and helpful resources. 
    With all that is going on within our world, in our school community, and especially in our personal lives, all amidst a pandemic, we need to stick together and take care of each other. This committee is here to help accomplish that.
    What This Means:
    Once a month, you'll receive a brief newsletter highlighting important wellness topics that focus on mindfulness, social and mental health, physical activity, and nutritional health. This newsletter will include various monthly activities, recipes, challenges, events, tips, and information. If there are any other topics you would like to see in our newsletter, please reach out to one of us through the emails below.
    Who to Contact:
    Alyssa LoPresti- alopresti@wlbschools.com
    Brittany Balzofiore- bbalzofiore@wlbschools.com
    Erica Dalia- edalia@wlbschools.com
    Lauren McKenna- lmckenna@wlbschools.com
    Juliana Bongiorni- jbongiorni@wlbschools.com