Two Black and White Bears Cub and Adult Walking
Name:  Jodi Ann Bocco
Grade Level: 
5th - 8th
Health/Physical Education
Classroom: #28
Phone Number:
(732) 222-5080 Ext:1134
 Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Physical Education and Health classes are actively involved in addressing the goals, skills, and objectives listed as a part of the requirements in the Core Curriculum Content Standards identified in the attached and on the New Jersey Department of Education’s website at: and

We hope with your assistance, we can address a component related to the development of a fitness and nutrition plan, which will be kept personal between you and your child.  This can be done utilizing the: website and the tools within it. 

(A short summary and explanation related to this site and how to use it can be found on YouTube at: 

The students will be graded on whether or not they have completed this activity, which will be done for homework between now and the end of June and/or as long as they/you desire.  They will need to demonstrate that they understand how to use this website and how to log in without disclosing personally identifying information specific to them, which will give them a complete/passing grade for this exercise. 

What the students input is up to them and you – they will not be graded on the levels they are currently are at – if they demonstrate improvement or ongoing use of this website they will get extra credit.  Time will be provided during class as well as after school - for all the for those students who do not have Internet or computer access at home.  In addition, time will be allocated during their workshop classes to complete the activities.  Additional time will be made available to assist students and parents as needed during and after school for this online project as well.  Please contact Ms. Bocco if time or assistance is needed.

We look forward to your assistance and support related to this activity.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s Physical Education and/or Health teacher.  This activity will be homework for the students in Physical Education/ Health classes – 5th grade through 8th grade.  We are hoping the students will utilize this site between now and the end of June.


Mrs. Bocco