Kindergarten - Students will be learning Spanish colors, numbers 1-10, days of the week, months, pets, food, birthday and greetings.
    First Grade - Students will be learning numbers 1-20,colors, opposites, days of the week, months, animals,holidays and family names.
    Second Grade - Students will learn numbers 1-40 ,families, greetings, months,culture, places in the community, animals, and clothing.
    Third grade - Students will receive their Spanish workbook.  Students will have homework once a week. Greetings,Phrases, Food,Classroom words,Birthday, Animals, Numbers 1-50, Clothes,Weather,
    and family.
    Fourth grade - Students will work on basic conversation,skits,class projects, places in the community,occupation,adjectives, conversation, alphabet, and written and oral performance test. Author's reading.
    Fifth grade - Students will work on skits, culture, grammar, commands,Spanish countries,conversation, class projects, oral performance,culture, and written. Written test lower than 70 will be able to retake.