4th Grade Assignments

     Homework subject to change. Please check your child's planner.
                    Skit Due :4C and 4S 2/21/2020
    Me da el menu- May i have the menu?
    Me gustaria- I would like...
    Tiene-Do you have?
    Donde?- Where?
    Cuanto cuesta?
    Me lo llevo- I will take it.
    Solo estoy mirando.- I am only looking.
    Me puede ayudar?- Can you help me?
    Donde esta el bano- Where is the bathroom?
    Damas- Ladies/women
    Caballeros/Hombres- Men
    Donde esta el telefono?-Where is the bathroom






























    Spanish Rubric Skit



    Possible                                                     Points

    Points                                                Received


    25    Must memorize Spanish lines/sentences       _________


    10    5  sentences or lines per character                 _________


    10     Elocution                                                          _________


    10   Pronunciation                                                     __________


    10    Organization                                                       __________


    10    Fluency                                                                __________


    05     Final script copy handed in on time         __________


    05    Props or costumes                                     ___________

    05 Must use half of the vocabulary words            ___________



    Comments on the role play:





    Group________ Date   _________