4th Grade Assignments

    Homework subject to change. Please check your child's planner.
                  Students will be creating and locating rooms in their dream CASA orAPARTAMENTO.
    Selecting  words in their workbook page 19.
    DUE : 4C and 4S 11/19/21,4P11/18/21
     Teachers will do their best to respond to parent and student inquiries in a timely manner.  Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. 






























    Spanish Rubric Skit



    Possible                                                     Points

    Points                                                Received


    25    Must memorize Spanish lines/sentences       _________


    10    5  sentences or lines per character                 _________


    10     Elocution                                                          _________


    10   Pronunciation                                                     __________


    10    Organization                                                       __________


    10    Fluency                                                                __________


    05     Final script copy handed in on time         __________


    05    Props or costumes                                     ___________

    05 Must use half of the vocabulary words            ___________



    Comments on the role play:





    Group________ Date   _________