September 8,2023


    Queridos Padres,

    Bienvenidos to our classroom  in West Long Branch district. This year I will be teaching ELL students and Spanish.  We have a very busy and exciting year in store for us! I am Piedad Serrano and I am extremely proud to be a member of the West Long Branch staff and consider myself very fortunate to be among such a professional faculty.

    I realize that teaching your child is a privilege, as well as a tremendous responsibility. I will do my best this year to ensure that each student has a motivating and safe learning experience in my classroom. I will always encourage, support, and help your child to acquire the target language.

    Your child will be creating,dancing, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish on a daily basis in order to increase their proficiency. Learning Spanish is very beneficial to your child and has the power to enrich their life. Please keep encouraging them!

    I hope that you become enthusiastic about your child learning Spanish because I am very enthusiastic about teaching it!  I know with your support we are going to have a great year and I look forward to it!


    Mrs. Serrano