Being Brave With Language- Do you know what a foreign accent is? It's a sign of bravery. -Amy Chua:
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        Oral Performance/ Skit

    5-1&5-2 diciembre 9 ,2019, 5-3 diciembre10,2019



    Vacaciones -vacation

    Donde- where

    Quien- who

    Bienvenidos- welcome 

    Playa- beach

    Como- How


    Que- What

    Me da el menu?-May I have the menu?

    Me gustaria- I would like...

    Tiene?-Do you have...?

    Me da la cuenta?- May I have the bill?

    Me lo llevo - I will take it.

    Solo estoy mirando. -I am just looking.

    Me puede ayudar?- Can you help me?