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    Christina Egan started in February of 2021 as the Superintendent of Schools for the West Long Branch School District.

    Christina has taught middle and high school English Language Arts, was Supervisor of PreK-12 English Language Arts and World Languages, and served as Director of the preschool program in Keyport, New Jersey. Most recently, she served as the shared PreK-12 Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the Tri-District of Atlantic Highlands, Highlands, and Henry Hudson Regional School Districts. She is currently engaged in the final stages of completing a doctoral dissertation through Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Her research focuses on the voluntary retention of highly-effective teachers in challenging school environments. 

    "My background in teaching and leadership has instilled in me an enduring conviction that each and every single child can learn and grow, and deserves to be seen, understood, and supported in ways that respect their unique individual needs. I am committed to lifelong learning, especially the kind of learning that happens when people listen to one another and seek to truly understand a shared vision for success. I am joining the West Long Branch School community during a challenging time in public education, and I recognize that collaborating closely with you is the only way to ensure that we make informed decisions that build upon the foundations of excellence and pride that already exist while also finding strategic ways to continuously improve."

     Letter of Introduction: 02/22/21

      Christina Egan Superintendent of Schools