• Mrs. Siwiec's
    Class Procedures, Rules, and Expectations


    Welcome to science!  It is important that the classroom is an exciting, educational, and safe place.  Working together as a team and communicating with one another will help to make it possible. To guarantee that the year runs smoothly, I have created a list of guidelines that everyone must follow. 


    Classroom Rules:  

    1. Be on time for class.
    2. Follow directions – it is imperative to do so in the science lab.
    3. Come to class prepared with all the materials.
    4. Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
    5. Respect me, your fellow classmates, and our classroom.

    These rules are to be followed each and every day from the time you walk into my classroom to the time you walk out.  If one of these rules is broken, consequences will occur.  Let’s focus on learning rather than discipline problems. 



    1. Open your mind and soak in some knowledge. You should learn something new each and every day!
    2. Be organized and prepared with your binder, textbook, homework, and writing utensils.
    3. Ask questions. That’s how Einstein learned!
    4. Participate. It’s OK if you’re wrong, because then I know you have learned something.
    5. Absent?  Check the Absent Bin.
    6. Cooperate. Teamwork works.
    7. Stay in your seat at all times, you will be dismissed by me, not the bell.
    8. There is to be no eating in the science lab room. This includes gum chewing.
    9. Once you enter the classroom, find your seat, take out your binder, and begin the Do Now question immediately. 

    Classroom Procedures: 

    1. Students need to have a three-ring binder filled with loose leaf, subject dividers (5), a pen (blue or black ink), pencil, a red pen for correcting, and colored pencils. 
    2. If you are absent from school, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed.  Check the absent bin, Google classroom and my web page. The number of days that you were out is the amount of days that you have to make up the assignments. 
    3. Homework will be assigned Mondays through Thursdays with the exception of long-term work. Students who do not hand in an assignment on the day that it is due will have one day to hand it in late, but points will be deducted. 
    4. Marking period grades will be calculated as followed: Homework (10%), Classwork (10%), Quizzes (35%), Tests (45%). If a student receives lower than 70% on a test (without cheating, marking random answers or refusing the first time), they will have a week to retake it. The two tests will be averaged together to come up with the new grade. This may be done after school, in the morning, or during the workshop period with prior arrangements made. Students MUST take initiative to relearn the concepts before the retake.   
    5. Parent Portal – at any time during the year, grades are accessible through the Parent Portal website. Please allow two weeks for an assignment or assessment to be graded and posted. In addition, you will see one of four grades for a particular assignment or assessment: The grade itself; “0”, which means it has not been completed; “Blank”, which means the assignment was extended due to absence or being corrected; “EXC”, which means the student has been excused and will not need to make it up.