• Grading Policy

    Students in grades 5-8 are graded using an O, S, N grading system.
    N=Needs Improvement
    Students in grades k-4 are graded on a standards based system.
    ME=Meeting Expectations
    AE=Approaching Expecations
    NI=Needs Improvement 

    Categorical Weighting Grade 5

    Please note that grade 5 meets only once a week and will therefore only have midterm (MP2) and final assessments (MP4) rather than quarterly assessments. 

    • Class work  - 10%
    • Homework - 10%**
    • Quizzes / Performance Tasks* -    30%  (35% MP1 and 3)
    • Tests / Performance Tasks* -        40% (45% MP1 and 3)
    • Midterm or Final Assessments - 10% (MP2 and 4)

    Categorical Weighting Grades 6-8

    Please note that grades 6-8 meet for only half the school year (1st or 2nd semester) and will therefore only have a "final assessment" rather than a quarterly assessment.

    • Class work  - 10% 
    • Homework - 10%**
    • Quizzes / Performance Tasks* -    30%  (35% MP1 or 3)
    • Tests / Performance Tasks* -        40% (45% MP1 or 3)
    • Final Assessment - 10% (MP2-semester 1 students or 4-semester 2 students)
     **Homework not given in art class. Therefore, this category will not impact student grades.
    *Realtime gradebook assigns numerical values for each O,S or N grade given and assigns an O,S or N grade based on an averaged number range.
     FAS student grades can be viewed through parent portal at anytime throughout the course of the marking period. 
    Please be advised that because art is a strongly project based class which meets only once a week, the number or frequency of grades entered may not be as high or often as other classess. Grades for projects will be entered within a week of student completion. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!
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