• Tracy Gironda
    Teacher of English as a Second Language
    Congratulations on a great beginning of a new school year! Now is the time to start good habits for a successful school year.
    • Remember to check your child's planner each night. Homework and long-term assignments will be written and up to date in the planner.
    • Set aside a time and place for doing homework. Consistency is very important!
    • Keep in touch with your child's teacher. Communication between home and school is necessary for success!
    My room is located in BME and is #38. If you need to contact me, the school phone number is 732-222-5900. My telephone extension is 1260. If you prefer e-mail, I can be reached at tgironda@wlbschools.com. I will respond to your e-mail by telephone or a note home.
    Please do not hesitate to call if you need anything, no matter how small it may seem.