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     Why WLB  students, parents and Mrs. Andreasi  Artsonia
     Artsonia allows art teachers to maintain a digital portfolio for every student.
    • Parents can access their child's digital portfolio at any time.
    • Parents receive notifications when a new piece of art has been added to their child's portfolio.
    • Mrs. Andreasi can share more work with families!
    • Parents can share their child's digital portfolio with family and friends, comment and invite others to become fans!
    •Artsonia is free to use and totally safe for students to use because their photo and last name are never made public.  
    • Parents and fans can purchase gifts and keepsakes with their child's artwork printed on it. 20% of all purchases support the WLB foundation for public education.  
     If you have any questions about artsonia please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Andreasi!