Philosophy of the WLB Foundation
    The West Long Branch Foundation for Public Education was established in 1995 as an independent, not-for-profit organization to raise money for the West Long Branch Elementary Schools. Through the Foundation, grants, benefits and gifts are channeled directly into educational programs for the children. Over 300,000 has been raised in the twenty years, and the Foundation’s endowment is always growing.  We proudly support the following programs:
         Battle of the Books 
         Books and Beyond
         Graduation Award
         Teacher Grant Program
         Principal Wish List 

    2023 - 2024

    Executive Board

    President- Jennifer Simmen

    VP- Lianne Pragosa   

    Secretary- Erin Leal

    Treasurer- Jennifer Mack



    Christina Andreasi

    Heidi Bahr

    Jena Marie Boresen

    Katie Carbone

    Meaghan Cavanaugh

    Marianne Ferragina

       Regina Howard

      Megan Kwitkin

      Lauren Moczerniuk

    Ariel Ostrowsky

    Sabrina Papp

    Marissa Russamano

    Maria Schlechert

    Courtney Swoope



    Webmaster - Monika Cagliostro

    Social Media Coordinator - Katie Carbone