Philosophy of the WLB Foundation
    The West Long Branch Foundation for Public Education was established in 1995 as an independent, not-for-profit organization to raise money for the West Long Branch Elementary Schools. Through the Foundation, grants, benefits and gifts are channeled directly into educational programs for the children. Over 300,000 has been raised in the twenty years, and the Foundation’s endowment is always growing.  We proudly support the following programs:
    Battle of the Books 
    Books and Beyond
    Graduation Award
    Teacher Grant Program
    Principal Wish List 
    President’s Message
       As a former teacher, I found the Education Foundation and its philosophy to be extremely motivating and inspiring.  It is intimidating, time-consuming, and very competitive to venture into the world of grant writing in order to obtain materials and technologies that are powerful and engaging in the classroom; things that the budget wouldn't normally cover.  Having in-district grant opportunities became such an exciting, obtainable prospect.  It provided learning opportunities for my students that I only dreamed of and prompted my colleagues and me to be more creative and dynamic teachers.  That is why, when I first came to WLB as a parent, I was immediately drawn to our Education Foundation.
       Although we sponsor many fantastic programs, it is the Teacher Grant Program where most of our funding goes.  It allows our teachers to be inspired and motivated by not only exciting classroom technologies, but also by creative programs for the classroom that enrich our children's learning experiences, which can be explored on our Grants in Action page.
       We are proud to help make this happen with events that bring our community together such as our Casino Night for parents and the student-centered and fun-filled ARTivity Night, as well as our other successful fundraisers.  It takes a combined effort of hard-working parent volunteers, dedicated Board of Trustees, supportive administration and faculty, and generous supporters, all who go above and beyond, to make the Education Foundation the success that it is.
       I am again taking over as the Foundation's president to continue supporting the great work of the Foundation, replacing our creative Becky Seikel, who is continuing as our Social Media Coordinator.  We look forward to others joining our team to help in the Education Foundation's endeavors that benefit our WLB children!
    Jamie Saponaro 
    2016-2017 Executive Board

     2017 - 2018

    President - Jamie Saponaro

    Vice President - Jennifer Simmen 

    Secretary - Lianne Pragosa

    Treasurer - Heidi Bahr

    Board of Trustees
    Heidi Bahr
    Meaghan Cavanaugh
    Ramona Chambers (Inactive)
    Jennifer Drach
    Maria Fornicola 
    Ilene Guzzi
    Stacie Harkavy
    Trisha Kilgour
    Megan Kwitkin
    Jennifer Mack
     Jhojo Palmberg
    Linda Pape
                                   Lianne Pragosa                               
     Jamie Saponaro
    Jennifer Simmen  
    Alisa Vandenbrouck
    Honorary Trustees
     Ted Krulikowski 
    Becky Seikel
    Diane Eitel-Wortman
    Monika Cagliostro 
    Social Media Coordinator
    Becky Seikel