• grants
    The majority of our fundraising goes towards
    supporting teacher creativity in the classroom
    through the Teacher Grant Program.
    Chairs - Jennifer Simmen

     2019/2020 Grant Selections
    For the upcoming school year 11 Grants at a total of $11,825.81
    will be implemented in the classrooms through generous donations.

    Sensory Scapes Hallway Nature Adventure - by Megan Steel and Lanai Robbins
    $1,497.79 - Pre-K thru 2nd
    Sensory hallway stations are a colorful sequence of decals for the walls and floors to create a pathway to help students regulate their bodies so they can be classroom ready.

    Literacy Lounge & Lab Part II - By Karen Sandoz
    $235.00 - 7th grade Language Arts
    To continue The New York Times in the reading lab and to provide another lounge chair for the reading lounge.

    Flexible Seating - By Julie Carasia
    $795.45 - Grades K, 1 and 2 small group instruction classroom
    To provide flexible seating in the small group instruction classroom with vinyl ball chairs and height adjustable stools. Allowing students to have options on how they choose to learn.

    “The Kinder Garden” - By Laura Myers
    $721.31 - Primarily for Kindergarten, but available to all BME
    To create a garden to promote Science, Health, Math, and Language Arts, through a greener lifestyle. Would promote student collaboration and social skills while nourishing the whole child.

    Learning Centers - By Felicia Tvrdik
    $780.87 - Grades 6,7,8 Math
    The learning center will enhance the application of math concepts for the real world while building confidence for the students. Guided workstations to facilitate a collaborative environment.

    Wiggle a Little with Flexible Seating - By Alexandra Faccone
    $1191.80 - Grade 3
    To transform traditional seating into a learning experience that allows students to be comfortable. Differentiated seating to support the needs of individualized learners.

    Tech Enhanced Fourth Grade - By Nicole Curran
    $1405.98 - Grade 4
    3 iPads for the classroom to experience virtual field trips and visit places that technology can take us too. Using the Show me app to help the students to teach the skills that they have been taught.

    Classroom Calm:Self Awareness - By Stacie Smith
    $1480.00 - Kindergarten
    Classroom calm provided by Lotus Lounge Yoga. Sixteen 30 minute sessions over the school year. Allowing the students to focus and become more mindful as the sessions progress.

    The Maker Fair Goes Green - By Angel Somers
    $1401.73 - Pre-k thru 8th
    To build upon the success of the 2019 Maker Faire and provide another evening of creativity, explorations, design and imagination that focuses on sustainable practices and “Green” ideas.

    Osmo at Work - By Megan Steel & Ellen Wilson
    $888.00 - Kindergarten
    Osmo enables the IPad to merge with the power of physical play with the digital advantages of real time feedback. Playing beyond the screen invites students to collaborate on tables to floors while manipulating tangible pieces. 6 Osmo genius kits for the experience of hands on learning and digital fun.

    Fantastic Fourth Grade - By Nicole Curran
    Flexible seating to be used daily to provide more optimal learning environment throughout the school day. Vinyl ball chairs, bean bag chairs and adjustable desks to enhance the learning experience. STEM activities to coincide with appropriate lessons throughout the school year.