ARTivity - April 3, 2020

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    2019 Event Organizers
    ARTivities Chairs - Heidi Bahr, Linda Pape, Jennifer Simmen        
    Art Show Chair - Christina Andreasi
    Art Auction Chairs - Christina Andreasi, Lianne Pragosa
    Cake Walk Chairs - Ramona Chambers, Jhojo Palmberg
    Rule Your School Chairs - Megan Kwitkin, Lianne Pragosa
    Entertainment Chair -  Ilene Guzzi
    Volunteer Chair - Heidi Bahr
    Decorations Chair - Lianne Pragosa, Alex Canessa
    Communications Chairs -  Monika Cagliostro, Jennifer Drach,                                              Heidi Bahr, Becky Seikel 

     Thank you to our past sponsors!

    Asbury Dawg

    Boro Printing

    Clover Organic Landscaping


    Home Depot

    Jersey Mike’s

    Monmouth University

    Party Fair

    Party Line

    The Bray Family

    The Chambers Family

    The Harkavy Family

    The Kilgour Family

    The Muldoon Family

    The Palmberg Family

    The Saponaro Family

    The Simmen Family

    A Squared Design

    Sudz -Ilene Guzzi

    WLB Teachers


    Event Photos
    Entrance  Game Room   Pie Throw
    Carnival Games Carnival GamesCake Walk
    Sand Art  Just Dance DiscoArch