• 8th Grade Science

    Mrs. Colleen Donohue


    Class Syllabus, Rules, and Procedures

    Welcome to 8th grade science! I am looking forward to a fun and exciting year with all of you.  In order to create a safe and fun classroom environment, I have created a list of guidelines that everyone is expected to follow.  This will ensure our classroom runs smoothly and will create an optimal learning environment for everyone.




    Classroom Rules

    • Students are expected to be on time to class.

    • Be prepared for class by bringing your required materials every day.

    • Raise your hand and wait to be called on.

    • Follow directions - this will reduce confusion on assignments and ensure your safety in the science lab!

    • Be respectful to me, your fellow classmates, and the classroom.



    • Students are to bring to class their textbook, an organized notebook, any assignments, Chromebooks, and writing utensils every day.

    • Students are expected to participate in class.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

    • Cell phones are not permitted in class.

    • Food and drink are not permitted in the classroom.  This includes gum!

    • Stay in your seat unless instructed to do otherwise.  I dismiss the class, not the bell.

    • Students are responsible for obtaining any missed work if they are absent.



    • Upon entering the classroom, students are expected to complete the Warm Up activity each day.  

    • Any student that was absent must check the Absent Folder on the bulletin board for missing work AND see me for any work that may be on Google Classroom that needs completing.

    • Homework assignments are due the next day unless otherwise noted.  Homework may be accepted 1 day late for a lower grade.  Anything after 1 day will not be accepted.

    • Any student who receives less than a 70 on a test may retake it within 7 days (students who are caught cheating, refuse an assessment, or mark random answers (as determined by the teacher and principal) are not eligible for retakes).  The two tests are then averaged together for a final grade. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule time to retake the test.  Tests may be retaken after class or during a scheduled workshop period but not during class time.  It is the student’s responsibility to prepare for the retake test.  Lab assignments can not be retaken.

    • Students are NOT to wait until the day an assignment is due to inform me that their computer or printer was not working.  Assignments can be emailed to me in case of printer malfunctions.

    • Students will be expected to turn in a monthly current event by the assigned date.  Current events will not be accepted late.  Instructions will be provided.

    • Parent Portal – at any time during the year, grades are accessible through the Parent Portal website. Please allow two weeks for an assignment or assessment to be graded and posted. In addition, you will see one of four grades for a particular assignment or assessment: The grade itself; “0” which means it has not been completed; “Blank” which means the assignment was extended due to absence or being corrected; “EXC” which means the student has been excused and will not need to make it up.


    Required Materials

    • 2 inch binder with dividers (5) and loose leaf paper.  Spiral notebooks are not acceptable.

    • Blue or black pens

    • Pencil

    • Textbooks

    • Colored pencils
    • Calculators
    • Headphones


    Grading Policy

    • Tests/Major Projects  45%

    • Quizzes/Labs  35%

    • Classwork  10%

    • Homework  10%

    • Quarterlies  10%


    Additional Information

    • All assignments will be available on Google Classroom.  Please be sure to check there daily for any work or classroom news.  All documents, worksheets, and study guides will also be available on the google drive which is accessible with your school email and password.

    • Students and parents are encouraged to sign up on Remind to receive reminders about classroom updates or assignments.  Simply text @ekghdh6 to the number 81010 to receive these reminders.


    Topics To Be Covered

    Unit 1: Structure and Properties of Matter

    Unit 2: Changes in Matter

    Unit 3: Chemical Reactions

    Unit 4: Forces and Motion

    Unit 5: Types of Interactions

    Unit 6: Relationships Among Forms of Energy

    Unit 7: Thermal Energy

    Unit 8: The Electromagnetic Spectrum