• ARTivity Sponsorship
    Would your FAMILY or BUSINESS like to SPONSOR an "ARTivity" at our art themed event featuring family fun and the student art show?
    Sign up below! 

     Sign up for a Sole Sponsorship ($50 for sole business/family sponsorship of an ARTivity sign )

    or a Shared Sponsorship ($25 to sponsor an ARTivity sign with others).

    We will create the sign. 

    Simply email your logo, if you have one, to wlbfoundation@gmail.com. 


    You may mail a check to PO Box 113 West Long Branch, NJ to be received by April 16th.

     You may also pay by credit card or PayPal by clicking "Donate" below and entering $50 or $25.


    You may also pay by Venmo.



    Questions?  Email wlbfoundation@gmail.com  


    TAX ID # 22-3360516