• Distance Learning Plan for Art

     I am offering video conferencing every school day from 11:30 am-12:15 pm. Conferencing is offered through Google Meet to any students in grades k-8 who need additional assistance completing art assignments or utilizing the Google classroom platform. The link to join the meeting is posted on the stream of each Google classroom page. If you do not have access to Google classroom and would like to video conference with me please email me and I will provide you with a link. *Please note that the current time or procedure may change if necessary. Please check Google classroom or my website for updated information. 

    Dear WLB students and families,

    Please note:Teachers will do their best to respond to parent and student inquiries in a timely manner.  Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

    • How do I turn in art class work?

      Google classroom assignments are asked to be turned in digitally through the Google classroom. Please submit photos of assignments through Google classroom only beginnig 4/24. Directions on how to do this are posted on our classroom page.  

      Pre-K ONLY Parents/students can photograph student work and email it to me. If photos of work are emailed please write the student's first and last name and class or section (i.e. pre-K Ricker)


      Student directed art or fine motor activityRecommneded choices: Play with playdough, paint, draw, pinch and rip/cut and glue paper, string beads. Let work be child directed and ask your child questions about their choices while they work. :-) It's really fun to hear their responses! 

      Kindergarten, First and Second Grade

      All assignments will be posted on classroom. Invitations were sent to students to join our Google classroom art page. If you are unable to view the page please email me for the code. Beginning 4/24 we will be using Google classroom for art in KINDERGARTEN and FIRST GRADE in addition to 2-8. Mrs. Heslin (technology teacher) has emailed every parent with their child's google user name and password. 

    • Directions on how to join google classroom

    • 1. go to classroom.google.com

    • 2. Click "sign in" (username and password Mrs. Heslin emailed)

    • 3. Once you login you should see boxes for each special area class. 


      Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade 

      Visit the Google Classroom page that we utilize in class for regularly updated assignments. If you are having trouble accessing the page or assignments for any reason please email me at candreasi@wlbschools.com with question