Virtual School

  • Students and Parents,

    Virtual school is uncharted territory for myself and for the students. I will try to make the transition and assignments seemless and manageable. I will post the assignment of Google Classroom with the specific directions and time length to complete the assignment. I will also explain how the assignment will be "graded". For example, some assignments may be a Complete/Incomplete while others may be a quiz/test grade. I will also post the topic and assignment on my website calendar. 

    The Study Island assignment Surface Area and Volume has been extended . If you have an incomplete in the grade portal you may finish it to earn the completion grade. 

    I will continue to use the online platforms the students are familiar with, including Edulastic, Quizizz, and Study Island, as well as the Assessment Readiness practice book that was sent home. If your child was absent from school this past week and did not receive the book, I can post pictures of the assignment for you.

    In addition, I will post instructional videos that may be helpful for the students. My goal is to begin reviewing the 7th grade content learned thus far instead of continuing with new content. I will do this for the first week and reassess the situation as we recieve more information from the school district. Each math assignment should be about 30-60 minutes per day. 

    All of the students completed a Log In Chart with all of their log in info for the various websites used for their classes. If you do not have the information, please reach out to one of the teachers and we can assist you. 

    As always, I can be reached by email, the Remind app and through Google Classroom. Virtual teaching is brand new to all of us so please be patient with the process. If there is anyway that I can improve the delivery of assignments or if you need additional resources please reach out to me. I will also try to extend the time limits for the assingments to allow families flexibility that may have limited computers and/or internet. 


    Most importantly, use math in your everyday activites, play outside, read, be creative! Hopefully everyone stays healthy and we will return to school quickly! 

    P.S. Unfortunately, I was not able to grade everyones 3D projects before school was closed so those grades will not be posted until we return. 


    Here is a list of websites that can be used to practice math anytime


    Mrs. Somers will also be posting daily DIY STEAM activities on the Maker Club website.