Remote Learning

  • Students and Parents,

    Virtual learning is uncharted territory for myself and for the students and has been changing since the spring. I will try to make the transition and assignments seamless and manageable. 


    I will use the online Envisions textbook and other online platforms throughout the school year. The Google Meet links for the class can be accessed usign the link in the header of the Google Classroom. 


    As always, I can be reached by email, the Remind app, and through Google Classroom. Virtual teaching is a learning process for all of us so please be patient with the process. If there is any way that I can improve the delivery of assignments or if you need additional resources please reach out to me. I will also try to extend the time limits for the assignments to allow families flexibility that may have limited computers and/or the internet. 


    Our 7th grade extra help will be held daily from 1:30-2:00pm. The zoom Meeting is : 941 5068 7073
    and the Passcode: hello


    Most importantly, use math in your everyday activities, play outside, read, be creative! 


    Here is a list of websites that can be used to practice math anytime