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    West Long Branch Public Schools' Green Team highlights student projects that focus on sustainable practices.

    The following student projects were completed as part of our district's Sustainable NJ School application. These projects were designed to inform others about issues related to sustainable practices  and to help inspire our community members to adopt measures that will help to improve our environment. 

    Scroll down to view the following student projects:

    • 2nd Grade posters
    • 3rd Grade skits
    • 8th Grade: Public Service Announcements


    2nd Grade students created recycyling posters as part of their Earth Day assignments during ur distance learning experience.   Click here to view the Posters


    3rd Grade Green Team members volunteered to meet during their recess periods to write scripts and act out skits that focused on the importance of recycling.


    Recycyling Superheroes! 

    Reduce Reuse Recycle Jeopardy


    The 8th grade students in the video production class created public service announcements (PSA's) to highlight sustainable practies that are relevant to our community. 

    Coastline Resiliency



    Support the SPCA:



    Protect Local Wildlife:



    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: