• Phone: (732) 222-5900 ext. 1218

    email: jilliano@wlbschools.com 


    If you have not so already, please sign up to receive messages from Miss. Illiano through Remind. Remind is an online application used to share daily messages and reminders from me to families who sign up. This platform will help to support our home to school communication. I will primarily use this application to share whole class announcements such as special events and school events. I will also continue to communicate through phone calls and emails. You can sign up to receive notifications straight to your smartphone via the Remind mobile app. Or, you can select to receive text messages. Please email me if you would like instructions explaining how to join :)



    *Teachers will do their best to respond to parent and student inquiries in a timely manner.  Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.*