• Homework: There is no homework at this time.

    If you would like to continue learning at home, below you can find some suggestions. 

    Language Development Ideas:

    • Play “I Spy" in the car or at the grocery store.
    • Point out letters/shapes/colors/numbers you see in your daily environment.
    • Share riddles, jokes, and rhymes.
    • Ask who, what, where, when, and why questions.

    Early Literacy Skills

    • Have your child hold and care for books.
    • Read books to your child.
    • Identify letters on signs, food boxes, in books, etc. 
    • Have your child use a variety of materials to practice writing their name.

    Math Skills

    • Practice counting objects in order.
    • Build patterns with blocks, food items, and other materials.
    • Use a variety of tools (crayons, markers, Play-Doh, etc.) to create shares and numbers.
    • Practice sorting objects by color, size, and shape. 

    Social-Emotional Learning 

    • Hold conversations about feelings. Ask your child how certain things and situations have made them feel and have them reflect on it. 
    • Start an act of kindness challenge.
    • Make a list of things your child is thankful for. 

    Fine & Gross Motor Skills

    • Use a variety of tools to draw, color, and write.
    • Practice zipping with different zippers on different jackets and other clothing.
    • Play on different playground equipment. 

    Life Skills

    Have your child practice their:

    • Home phone number, parent/guardian phone number
    • Zip Code
    • Address 
    • School Name 
    • Tying Shoes 
    • Birthdate


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