• Rainbow words


    High frequency words are words that appear most often in print.  Some of these words are phonetically regular, but many are not.  Either way, these words are used so commonly in English that they need to be recognized and spelled quickly and easily.  Therefore, these words must be memorized.


    In Journey's, there are 88 high frequency words that the students will be learning. These words will be called Rainbow Words and the students will be given flash cards for each color. Once they master a color beginning with the Red words they will recieve a certificate and move on to to the orange words and so on, each student will work on mastering these words at their own pace. I will explain Rainbow words in more detail at Back to School Night. Please practice these words with your child at home. I have attached the flash cards for all the words below in case you need an extrset. Thank you for your help and support.

    Rainbow Word Cards