New Jersey Personal/Relative and Financial Disclosure Statements for School Officials

  • As per the N.J.A.C. 6A:28-3.2(f) revision in March of 2023 the following information has been provided regarding school official's most recently filed disclosure statement as it appears on the Commission's website.

    Please see the link below for the disclosure statement on the SEC website for each school official for the year 2023.


    Last Name First Name Position Year Filed
    Egan Christina Administrator 2023
    Erhardt James Administrator 2023
    Marvel Scott Administrator 2023
    Skibinski Lori Administrator 2023
    Voorhees Lorissa Administrator 2023
    Winter Allyson Administrator 2023
    Yacona Lolita Administrator 2023
    Cavanaugh Meaghan Board Member 2023
    Falgares Michael Board Member 2023
    Orendorff-Gassman Mary Board Member 2023
    Pringle Ryan Board Member 2023
    Scullion Rose Board Member 2023
    Sisk Joanna Board Member 2023
    Skellinger Christine Board Member 2023
    Tabakman-Plancher Rachel Board Member 2023
    Waters Michael Board Member 2023
    Lowell Corey Board Secretary 2023