Students will read one independent novel (of choice) per marking period. This will be assigned at the beginning of each marking period, and (group) presentations/projects will be due at the end of each marking period. This will count as a test grade. You will be expected to be knowledgeable about the plot, themes, and characterization of your story, note specific "Signposts" that you found in your book, and make connections to your peers' stories (via universal themes). Time management and preparedness are very important! You will have approximately 6 weeks to read your book. You should read a little every day.....DO NOT wait until the last few days before your project /presentation to read an entire book!


    Students will visit the media center at the beginning of each marking period for an opportunity to select their independent novel. Books from my classroom library, the public library,  or from home are also options. Your novel must be teacher-approved and must not have a movie connected to it.



    Rubrics for your presentation/projects will be provided.


    Click on the link below to see some high-interest titles for 8th graders!