• West Long Branch Homework Policy


    Homework/Make-Up Work

    The Board of Education believes that homework assignments play an important role in the academic development of students. It provides an opportunity for students to broaden, deepen or reinforce knowledge gained in the classroom. Furthermore, home work can help children develop good habits and attitudes such as self-discipline, responsibility and time management. These skills will benefit students throughout life, especially in the workplace.

    Teachers should make homework assignments meaningful and appropriate. Homework assignments that address different levels of a student's intelligence and various learning styles will help students succeed and form positive work habits. It is important for teachers to provide clear guidelines, expectations and standards to students throughout the school year. Clear guidelines, expectation and standards will help to make homework a relevant learning experience for students and contribute to their overall success in school. The following framework has been established to guide teachers in assigning homework.


    I. Homework Grading Procedures

    Homework is assigned by teachers based on their understanding of students' needs in mastering the subject-related material or skills. The following guidelines are established for the classroom teacher:

    The classroom teacher should regularly review and acknowledge (check for completion) homework assignments in a timely fashion to ensure that they are complete and accurate.

    Homework will contribute to report card grades beginning at grade three.

    Homework should be no more than 15% of the student's final average.

    Consequences may be given for missed homework assignments such as lunch detention with the teacher, or after school homework detention with the teacher.

    Homework assignments that are graded may count as a quiz grade.


    II. Time Spent on Homework

    The amount of homework assigned generally increases as the student progresses through school. The timeframes listed below are suggested for the combined daily assignments. These times do not include leisure reading or long-term assignments.

    The following amounts of time are suggested by grade level for homework:

    Grade 1 not to exceed 20 minutes Grade 2 not to exceed 30 minutes Grade 3 not to exceed 40 minutes Grade 4 not to exceed 50 minutes Grade 5 not to exceed 60 minutes Grade 6 not to exceed 70 minutes Grade 7 not to exceed 80 minutes Grade 8 not to exceed 90 minutes


    III. Days on Which Homework is Appropriate

    The following guidelines are established dealing with the days on which homework is appropriate:

    A. Frequency of Homework

    Homework should generally be assigned Monday-Thursday, not including long-term assignments. Every effort should be made to avoid homework over holidays, school vacations or special days. In addition, test should be avoided on Mondays.

    B. Homework Request Due to Absence

    Certain procedures are to be followed regarding homework requests for students who have been absent from school. Teachers will provide students with homework at the end of the second consecutive day of absence. Parents or guardians may call the school or send a note to the teacher requesting missed work.

    C. Students on Vacation

    The district encourages parents to arrange family vacations during scheduled school holidays. However, if this procedure cannot be followed, the district has established the following guidelines:

    Students going on vacation will not be provided with assignments in advance. However, students will be allowed to make up the work upon their return to school. Students will be given an equivalent number of days to that they missed to make up work. For example, if a student misses five days of school, he/she will be given five school days to make up the work.