Welcome to Betty McElmon Elementary, which is the place where I can “B-ME!”  Each morning, approximately 330 students in Pre-School through grade Four arrive to school and are greeted by the Principal, teachers, and poles painted in the form of No. 2 pencils.  As students walk through the front doors, a skylight and beautiful mural of primary children creates an open and friendly environment.  In addition, a section of the main lobby has been transformed into a “Book Nook” that highlights literature by famous children’s authors.  This space encourages a love of reading.   


    As the day begins, children settle into their classrooms to begin the day’s learning.  Our caring and dedicated teachers ensure that a solid foundation of the Basic Skills is offered to children.  Literacy is a continued major focus for all grade levels.  Fundations continues to be our K-2 word study program.  Furthermore, using a Balanced approach to ELA instruction, teachers incorporate small group targeted instruction into their teaching pedagogy.  The enVision math program is implemented in grades K-4, which includes the following activities:  Solve & Share, visual learning animation, guided practice, independent practice, and small group targeted instruction.


    A unique feature of the school is our Media Center, which contains the titles of over 23,000 resources.  This space is used to develop literacy skills and a life-long love of reading.  It is a tremendous resource for students and teachers in the district.  Similarly, the Books and Beyond Program challenges students to read a set number of minutes per month.     


    Academic offerings range from core curricular subjects (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) to Spanish, Art, Music, Computers, and Physical Education.  By the way, a favorite attraction for the students and Principal is the Rock Wall in the BME gym.


    At BME, teachers and students have access to state of the art technology.  The building is equipped with wireless access to the Internet, 1:1 chromebooks, a computer lab, iPad devices, and interactive displays in each classroom.  As the school’s technology continues to evolve, we encourage you to visit your child’s teacher website. 


    Our teachers are very excited to work with your children this school year.