•  Homework
    ~ Show and Tell Theme for the week of : 
    Homework: None at this point 
    You can always practice the following concepts with your Kindergartner:
    ~ address
    ~ telephone number
    ~ birthdate
    ~ PIN # for the cafeteria
    ~ zippering, buttoning, snapping clothes
    ~ tying shoes
    ~ Incorporate concepts such as rhyming, counting, positions, and letter sounds into conversations and activities with your Kinder.  Make it fun and hands on! 
    Some examples of activities are:
    1. Set the table with your child.  Use words like left, right, center, above when placing each item.
    2. Count the number of stairs, windows, doors, toothbrushes, etc. in your house.
    3. Label your child's room!  Write out the words for common objects in your child's room (desk, closet, bed, etc.) and label them.
    4. When putting groceries away, ask your child what sound the foods begin with.
    5. Go for a walk and talk about what you see, hear, smell, and touch.  Make sure your Kinder talks/answers questions in a complete sentence.  Language skills are important at this age.