• ABC  
    Fundations is our word study program.  In the first 12 weeks, your Kinder will learn each lowercase letter, its sound, and its correct letter formation.  Once those have been mastered, we learn uppercase letters, and we begin to blend sounds, or "tap out" words.  In the second half of the year, "trick words" are introduces.  These are high-frequency words that must be memorized, since they cannot be tapped out.  Digraphs are introduced in Unit 4, and in our last unit we learn sentence dictation. 
     Here is a chart that shows the keyword picture that goes with our letter and sound.  Below the chart you will find the letters/keywords/sounds from the program.
     a - apple - /a/
    b - bat - /b/
    c - cat - /c/
    d - dog - /d/
    e - Ed - /e/
    f - fun - /f/
    g - game - /g/
    h - hat - /h/
    i - itch - /i/
    j - jug - /j/
    k - kite - /k/
    l - lamp - /l/
    m - man - /m/
    n - nut - /n/
    o - octopus - /o/
    p  - pan - /p/
    qu - queen - /kw/
    r - rat - /r/
    s - snake - /s/
    t - top - /t/
    u - up - /u/
    v - van - /v/
    w - wind - /w/
    x - fox - /x/
    y - yellow - /y/
    z - zebra - /z/
    Trick Words:
    the, a, and, are, to, is, his, as, has, was, we, he, she, be, me, I, you, they, or, for, of, have, from, by, my, do, one