• spartan Welcome to the WLB Tech Department:

    WLB is a dynamic digital environment, its landscape supports various os, hardware, and learning systems. 

    Our concise infrastructure is supported by a Cisco backbone and delivers secure data via static vlan'ed gigabit routes to our staff. Additionaly secure, filtered content is streamed wirelessly to the student body on a 1 to 1 basis  via our population of web managed Acer Chromebooks.

    The ISP: Comcast internet Up and Down connection is port traffic filtered and managed on site. 

    Student traffic is filtered via the Nationally recognized CIPA compliant Securly Web Filter. Data is delivered to a redundant cloud based web storage site. Review, audit, and blocking of information is synchronous with multiple nationwide databases and dynamically updated via the google chrome extension.

    Our Phone system is comprised of VOIP handsets, our vlaned trunk traffic is connected via CISCO POE switches which are daisy chained to local staff workstations. Our DR for this is a fiber fail-over providing direct throughput to from a dmz port to a static ip assigned assante layer two switch. 

    Backup redundancy is provied by a Barracuda box using a synchronos dynamic de-duplicated layered approach. hosted on a local as well as cloud based store. For DR, all images are virtual and can be spun up to provide primary processing while repair or recovery is active. 



    Security Links:

    Norse Threat Attack Map -  See who and what is currently attacking globally via TCP/IP and UDP protocols.