• Our School Philosophy

    The climate in a middle school should be one that is positive and humanistic to students, staff, and parents. The Principal is the one who is responsible for setting this climate. I personally envision a school environment that is open and friendly. The school should be clean and attractive. It should also be safe and secure for all students. Staff members should be helpful and supportive of each other. Students should respect and value all members of the school community. Most importantly, the school climate should encourage a genuine love of learning.

    A quality educational program makes learning fun and exciting for students. This can be accomplished by implementing the theory of Multiple Intelligences into classroom instruction. There should be a strong emphasis placed on direct instruction and student/teacher interaction. Technology is an important tool that can enhance instruction and prepare our students to live in a technologically advanced society. Cooperative learning teaches students respect and how to work successfully with other people. In short, teachers use a variety of teaching strategies during classroom instruction.

    The school is also an extension of the community and should, therefore, include parents and community members in the overall educational process. The school leader should encourage parent and community participation in the school. This involvement will help foster a genuine sense of community and assist children in achieving true academic excellence.