• Mrs. Melissa Murphy                                                                                                                       
    School Counselor/                                                               
    Student Assistance Counselor (SAC)                                       
    (732) 222-5900  x1238                                                                        
    Ms. Lauren McKenna
    School Counselor
    (732) 222-5900 x1117
    School Counselors are available throughout the school hours on school days. School counselors can be reached via e-mail or voicemail.
    Students can also request to meet with the School Counselor through the School Counselor Request Google Form (Located on the "How to Contact the Counselor" page). 


    The School Counseling Program in West Long Branch is designed to enhance student success and performance in the school environment. Student assistance programs are designed to help students and their families with problems affecting their personal lives and academic performance. The School Counselor's role is to enhance and support students' success in the school environment. There are a range of school-based prevention and intervention services offered to assist students with personal problems and encourage them to build upon their strengths.

    The School Counselor provides in-school assessment, crisis intervention, counseling and referral services to any student who may be experiencing personal, family, and/or peer difficulties. The goal is to support the students and prevent personal difficulties from interfering with their success in school. In addition, to individual services, groups are offered depending on the needs of the school community. The School Counselor also assists in Parent Education programs.