• FAS Girls' Soccer ~ Fall 2021
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    Coaches: Mrs. Seward and Mrs. Hess
    Contact info: sseward@wlbschools.com and chess@wlbschools.com
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    9/21/21: Away vs. St. Mary's
    Win 6-1
    Jenna Eichenbaum (2 goals)
    Daniele Radisch (3 goals, 1 assist)
    Gabby Garofalo (1 goal, 3 assists)
    Mackenzie Rogers (1 assist)
    PLAYER OF THE MATCH: Jaelyn Smith 


    9/27/21: Away vs. Tinton Falls
    Lose 2-1
    Gabby Garofalo (1 goal)
    PLAYER OF THE MATCH: Gabby Garofalo
    9/28/21: Home vs. Little Silver
    Lose 4-3
    Gabby Garofalo (1 goal 2 assists)
    Daniele Radisch (2 goals)
    PLAYER OF THE MATCH: Jenna Eichenbaum


    10/5/21: Away vs. Shrewsbury
    Lose 4-0
    PLAYER OF THE MATCH: Teagan Waters


    10/7/21: Home vs. Oceanport
    Lose 6-0
    PLAYER OF THE MATCH: Raegan Cagliostro
    10/12/21: Home vs. Rumson
    Lose 4-1
    Gabby Garofalo (1 goal)
    PLAYER OF THE MATCH: Alex Klein and Sophia Massre


    10/14/21: Away vs. Fair Haven
    Lose 3-1
    Gabby Garofalo (1 goal)
    PLAYER OF THE MATCH: Aubrey McGrade