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    Name:  Jodi Ann Bocco
    Grade Level:  5th - 8th
    Subject:  Health/Physical Education
    Classroom: #47                              
    Email:  jbocco@wlbschools.com 
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    Phone Number:
    (732) 222-5900 Ext:1134
    Virtual Instruction - offered weekly for each class - see Google Classroom schedule.
    Individual Virtual Support - offered this week on  Friday at 2:00 pm and scheduled with students who request to attend.
    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    The Physical Education and Health classes are actively involved in addressing the goals, skills, and objectives listed in the NJ Student Learning Standards for Physical Education and Health - identified in the attached links on the New Jersey Department of Education’s website: 



    Samples of physical activities your child can complete at home:

    Activity Ideas - Calendar - See HW page for more.  


    Guided Learning - Strength Training Activities

    KidzBop - youtube Dance Activities

    Fitness Activities to Help Boost Your Immune System

    Nutrition & Fitness - Sports and Performance

    Kids Health Games and Activities from the NIH

    We hope with your assistance, we can address a component related to the development of a personal fitness and nutrition plan, which will be kept between you and your child. Your child can log the time and activities they have engaged in - on their Google Classroom logs.  The link below may be helpful as well:

    https://www.choosemyplate.gov/ website and the tools within it. 

    We look forward to your assistance and support related to this activity.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Bocco.  This activity will be applied in Physical Education/ Health classes – 5th through 8th grade.  The students will utilize technological resources to achieve their goals and demonstrating this by creating personal Health and Individualized Fitness Portfolios.  Every student will be supported and guided through this process.  Time will be provided during health classes for students to create slides with a partner to demonstrate the activities - habits - and choices each child is choosing to make - to stay healthy, safe, and fit.  

    Active School Environment Circle - The 5 components of a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program



    Mrs. Bocco