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    Name:  Jodi Ann Bocco
    Grade Level:  5th - 8th
    Subject:  Health/Physical Education
    Classroom: #47                              
    Email:  jbocco@wlbschools.com 
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    Please review the online textbook- 6th grade and 7th grade - Anti-Bullying Unit assigned and take the assessments when you are ready.  Take time to also return Google Classroom assignments with a comment in the comment bar - which is needed for the assignment to be graded.  Work with your virtual peer editor on your presenations and turn them in as soon as possible - they are past due.  Please let me know if you need assistance or support. Extra time has been provided for all of the students to complete assignments.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.  Thank you and best wishes to you and your family for a happy and healthy new year.  Ms. Bocco
     Dear Parent/Guardian:
    The 2020 Student Learning Objectives for Physical Education are listed below:

    2.2.5.MSC.1: Demonstrate body management skills and control when moving in relation to others, objects, and boundaries in personal and general space (e.g., coordination, balance, flexibility, agility).

    2.2.5.MSC.3: Demonstrate and perform movement skills with developmentally appropriate control in isolated settings (e.g., skill practice) and applied settings (e.g., games, sports, dance, recreational activities).

    2.2.5.MSC.4: Develop the necessary body control to improve stability and balance during movement and physical activity.

    2.2.5.MSC.5: Correct movement skills and analyze concepts in response to external feedback and self-evaluation with understanding and demonstrating how the change improves performance.

    2.2.5.MSC.6: Execute appropriate behaviors and etiquette while participating as a player and viewing as an observer during physical activity, games, and other events, contributes to a safe environment.

    2.2.5.MSC.7: Apply specific rules, strategies, and procedures for specific physical activity, games, and sports in a safe active environment.

    2.2.5.PF.1: Identify the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual benefits of regular physical activity that effect personal health.

    2.2.5.PF.2: Accept and respect others of all skill levels and abilities during participation.

    2.2.5.PF.3: Participate in moderate to vigorous age-appropriate physical fitness activities and build the skills that address each component of health-related fitness (e.g., endurance, strength, speed, agility, flexibility, balance).

    2.2.5.PF.4: Develop a short term and/or a long-term health-related fitness goal (e.g., cardiorespiratory endurance 'heart & lungs', muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition, nutrition) to evaluate personal health.

    2.2.5.PF.5: Determine how different factors influence personal fitness and other healthy lifestyle choices (e.g., heredity, physical activity, nutrition, sleep, technology).

    2.3.5.PS.1: Develop strategies to reduce the risk of injuries at home, school, and in the community.

    2.3.5.PS.5: Communicate personal boundaries and demonstrate ways to respect other people’s personal boundaries.

    The students will be actively involved in addressing the goals, skills, and objectives above for PE seen in the NJ Student Learning Standards for Physical Education and Health - identified in the attached links on the New Jersey Department of Education’s website: 



    The links below are a few examples of the resources students can utilize to stay healthy and fit:

    Open Phys Ed - Tools for an Active Home

    Activity Ideas - April 2021 Calendar    

    Guided Learning - Strength Training Activities

    KidzBop - youtube Dance Activities

    Fitness Activities to Help Boost Your Immune System

    Nutrition & Fitness - Sports and Performance

    Kids Health Games and Activities from the NIH

    The students with your assistance and support will be able to achieve many of the goals they set for themselves.  They will create individualized personal fitness and nutrition plans/portfolios - through games and activities assigned within their Google Classroom and their Seesaw accounts, which I hope they will share with you.   I am very proud of them and all that they have achieved during this difficult time.  The links below I hope they will continue to use to help support their positive health choices:


    Darebee - boost your immune system with exercise



    The students will be able to choose from activities assigned in Physical Education/ Health classes – 5th through 8th grade that they have a personal interest in.  Students have created workout routines for the other students to follow - demonstrating leadership and exemplary skills.   The students will have the opportunity to support each other and will be guided through this process by many of the adults within their lives.  Thank you and best wishes for a safe and fun new year.   


                                                                                                                     Jodi Bocco


    Active School Environment Circle - The 5 components of a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program